MFA Thesis Exhibition
University of Houston, Blaffer Gallery
April 15-29, 2006 (closed Sundays & Mondays)
Opening Reception Friday, April 14, 7 to 9
Brown Bag (lunch) Tour of Gallery with artists, Kathryn Kelley & Patrick Clifford Wednesday, April 26, noon.

one day after i was all grown up i went to school and learned and discovered and created and laughed...
i thought about our noise and what it might mean.
thought about what you and i, as a culture, value. i thought about war because we've gone to war (and really still are at war).
i've followed the path of the water bottle. spent a lot of time looking at my feet.
i thought about the crazy making of life and if i would ever stop to breath and what would happen.
flattened memory and those inbetween places
i thought about some of the interaction between husband and wife.
contemplated envy (part 1 of 3).
i can work with architects and something worth while can emerge -- the agri-prop
i've discovered that i want to be environmentally friendly (but that doesn't make me a tree hugger) .
i am exploring ideas around our conspicuous consumptive behavior and the cyclical nature of the additions


thinking outloud
self profile
the work
doug cason interview fall 2005

Univeristy of Houston MFA THESIS EXHIBITION @ the blaffer gallery [april 14-29, 2006]
ARTCRAWL HOUSTON :: Annual juried [Jennifer Jankauskas] UH sculpture show @ commerce street artist warehouse. [nov 19, 2005]
SHOW US YOUR FEMINISM :: juried [Terrie Sulton, Michelle Barnes, Lynn Randolph] exhibition that honors the evolution of feminism into the 21st century @ vine street studios. [oct 2005]
(KUHF Front Row review with Dr. Elizabeth Gregory and Alison Young)
NO PARKING :: group exhibition curated by gonzo @ aerosol warfare gallery [oct 2005]
HUNG :: university of houston's association of student sculptors annual fundraiser show [sept 2005]
THE BIG SHOW @ lawndale art center my first juried exhibition = the shadowlands [july 2005]
 (KUHFFront Row interview with Alison Young. The third interview in the piece is with me.).
JOCK STRAP SHOW :: an invitational group exhibition curated by che rickman @ UH Women's Studies Center [april 2005]

courses taught
2D animation II (flash animation)
fundamentals of design
software for graphics (illustrator, photoshop, indesign)
presentation authoring (intro to director)
vector animation (intro to flash)

other junk
my first xml site

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