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Porfolio Requirements [download pdf]

Portfolio Submission:

Monday, May 1
Mandatory attendance
11:30 am


All work must be clearly labeled and contained in a portfolio case. No loose work will be accepted. Label the outside of the portfolio with your name. Redos must be accompanied by the first version of the project. Failure to turn in a final portfolio will result in course failure.

Portfolio Pick-up:

All work should be picked up
Monday ,May 8, Room 308

Note: Do not attempt to pick up your portfolio prior to this time. The classroom will be locked. Any work left after that date may be picked up at the beginning of the spring semester.

Place in portfolio:

1. This checklist of all projects with any redos marked clearly. Use the list to the right and mark on it.
2. Evaluation: Write an evaluation of your progress through the semester, as well as your efforts and results. Give yourself a grade for the semester.

Portfolio :

___ Project 1: Perception & Gestalt
         (four 6 x 6" comps)
    ___ Redo all four comps
    ___ Redo _____ comps

___ Project 2: Form Interrelationships
         (two 6 x 6" comps)
    ___ Redo two comps
    ___ Redo one comp

___ Project 3: Type as Form
          (two 10 x 10" comps)
    ___ Redo two comps
    ___ Redo one comp

___ Project 4 : Form and Structure
          (one 10 x 10" comp)
    ___ Redo one comp

___ Project 5: Part 1: Representational Form
           (four image stylizations)
    ___ Redo all four stylizations
    ___ Redo ______stylizations

___ Project 5: Part 2: Representational Form
          (one 5 x 15" comp)
    ___ Redo one comp

___ Project 5: Part 3:Text and Image
          (one 8 x 22" comp)

___ Self Evaluation

Double Check

___ All redos marked clearly on this checklist
___ All projects and portfolio labeled with name
___ Evaluation with name placed in portfolio
___ This checklist with name placed in portfolio

portfolio requirements  
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