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Project #1 [download pdf]

Project #2 [download pdf]


• To learn the principles of form interrelationships
• To learn to communicate effectively through visual language
• To further expand your vocabulary of design
• To continue to practice good craft

Project 2 will focus on the development of composition skills through the use of form interrelationships. Many of these interrelationships are used while composing with multiple shapes and should be familiar to you. Try, however, to be more consciously aware of each as you apply the interrelationship to a composition. Learn the name of the interrelationship and consider its most effective use.

The principles from the first project will continue to play a role in project 2. Consider when the use of closure, continuance, proximity and similarity will strengthen your composition.

Using 3–6 black squares compose two 6 x 6" compositions, each of which expresses one of the following words:


Examples of possible form interrelationships are listed beginning at the top of the next column. Study each in this week’s reading hand-out.
While sketching, consider the possible contrast
in size and direction of the squares. As always, think about negative space within the whole composition.

First Set of Thumbnail Sketches
First draw at least thirty thumbnail sketches (15 sketches per word).
Quickly outline 10-20 square frames, about 1 x 1" each.
Next, sketch 3–6 black squares in each frame.
Try different compositions in each one.

First Set of Full-Size Sketches
Now that you are warmed up and have ideas for the full size sketches, draw eight 6 x 6" sketches for the first crit (4 sketches per word).

Second Set of Full-Size Sketches
After the first crit, continue to improve your sketches.
Present eight new 6" x 6" sketches for the second crit (4 sketches per word).

For examples of the following download pdf
a) Detachment
b) Touching
c) Overlapping
d) Interpenetration
e) Union
f) Subtraction
g) Intersection
h) Coinciding


Wucius Wong, Principles of Form and Design. pp. 41–49.


Point Hand-drawn
Line Accidental
Plane Detachment
Volume Touching
Shape Overlapping
Form Interpenetration
Geometric Union
Organic Subtraction
Rectilinear Intersection
Irregular Coinciding


Wednesday FEB 1
Due Project 1 + Begin Project 2 in class

Monday FEB 6
Crit 6 sketches
– Crit six 6 x 6" marker sketches | 3 per word

Wednesday FEB 8
Crit 6 sketches | small groups
– Crit six 6 x 6" marker sketches | 3 per word

Monday FEB 13
Due Project 2 + Begin Project 3 in class

Final Format
Render the final two 6 x 6" compositions on white Letra Max 2000 board or smooth bristol board using black pen and ink, black gouache or cut paper. Mount the completed compositions on
10 x 10", black Letra Max 2000 board.

Final Sketch Presentation
Either cut out or photocopy your sketches. Attach each sketch to a piece of 8.5 x 11" backing paper and bind them with a wire-O binding. In addition to thumbnail sketches, turn in a minimum of 16 full size sketches. Be sure to label all sketches with your name and the principle or word illustrated. Label the outside of the binder with your name.

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